Go Green – Earth-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

In the past few years, some of us have slowed down to look at the things we buy, the way we consume them, and what kind of lasting imprint our daily lives leave on the environment. Sometimes, it feels as if companies are two steps behind the individual in doing the right thing for the environment. Carpet Service Express wants to meet all of our clients’ needs. So, we work hard to provide you with a clean house and  still use effective, yet safe, cleaning products.  This is what we mean when we talk about green cleaning.

Design for the Environment

While all of the materials used in our clients’ homes have been deemed to be safe, there is an even higher standard products can meet. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) runs a program called Design for the Environment. This program strives to bring diverse groups of people together, from chemists, to large corporations, manufacturers, and environmental scientists, to understand the risks to humans and the Earth from the use of chemicals in our homes. From these partnerships, new ways of measuring the effects of everyday products and new ideas for reformulating the products to lessen their impact have emerged.

The result of the Design for the Environment program is the DfE label. When this label is placed on a product, it tells consumers that the product has been deemed safer for them, their families, and for the environment. The Design for the Environment program doesn’t look at just the final result of the product. The program also looks at each individual chemical used in the product to thoroughly understand the effects the chemicals can have on our homes.

The EPA does not hand out the DfE logo lightly. It is only given to products that use the safest chemicals throughout the manufacturing process.  So, the end result is the safest product on the market for you, your family, and the Earth.

Our Choice

Carpet Service Express is dedicated to using DfE-labeled products to clean your home. Being a family business means we test our products in our own home first. If we don’t want it in our house, we won’t bring it to yours. However, green cleaning often has a reputation for not working as well as traditional products. So, we tried a number of environmentally-friendly cleaners before choosing Prochem Axiom cleaning products. Their motto, “First we made it mean, then we made it green,” sums up the effectiveness of their cleaning solutions.

Over the years, we have found their products to be the best at cleaning those tough stains you thought no one would be able to get out. From time to time. you may see us use other products as we work to stay up-to-date on the best cleaners on the market. However, you can rest assured that everything we bring into your home will meet the highest standards for environmental safety.

Go Green – Earth-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Go Green - Earth-Friendly Carpet Cleaning