When Are Carpet Repairs Necessary?

Residential Carpeting Repairs

photo of rug repair, carpet repairIf you’ve noticed your carpeting is in need of repairing, it not only looks unappealing – an eyesore – but it also means your floor is losing its stability.¬†Whether it is from the usual toll that time takes on all materials, from water damage which has gone overlooked from a flood or large spill, your flooring and carpeting may be bunching up and tearing as a result. Any spills result in stains which set quickly and fairly permanently. All of these are symptoms of aged carpeting which definitely requires repair work by a professional.

Serious discoloration, burn damage, and tears from the subfloor can be repaired through patching and stretching techniques. We have better tools than any you may purchase over-the-counter and our methods of repair have been learned and practiced over the last two decades. Our cleaners will expertly stretch your carpet as well as provide any patchwork with the utmost attention to detail in order to secure it and prevent any future problems. Just call Carpet Service Express today! (817) 498-1207