Stubborn Carpet Stains!

That stubborn carpet stain that has been staring you in the face for the past, who knows how many months. You have no idea of where it came from or what it is! Well you’re not alone. Tough carpet stains can be a complete pest. Check out some of the carpet stains that you’ll come across and how you can possibly treat them.

Coffee Stains

stubborn carpet stain

Another annoying, stubborn stain to deal with. If not taken care of properly, this can be the scene of an unsightly stain for a long time to come. Grab some dish washing detergent and vinegar to treat this immediately for minimal damage. Consult a professional if this method fails to completely remove the stain.

Grape Juice or Wine Stains

We’ve all been there. That moment where you see that cup of a deep purple or red liquid tipping over on your light colored carpet…and time just slows down. It’s now seeping into your beloved carpet and now you’re just dabbing and dabbing and dabbing this spot, but it just won’t come out! All is not lost. Simply take a hydrogen peroxide and water mixture in a spray bottle. If this is done immediately, it minimizes the damage. If the stain hasn’t completely come out, call one of our pros to get your carpet looking as good as new.

Ink Stains

Something else we can all relate to. That moment when your ink pen decides that it wants to explode and get all over your carpet and your clothes…what a headache. This stain can be close to impossible to remove. A DIY solution we can recommend is treating it is to chemically precondition it with ammonia, afterwards a truck mount steam rinse to lift the stain.

No one wants to look at the awful stain in the middle of your living room floor, and you don’t have to! If you have a stubborn carpet stain, call (817) 498-1207. Carpet Cleaning Express: One Call Does it All!