Listing Your Home? Consider Grout Restoration!

The housingĀ market across the country is still going strong, and more and more homeowners are taking advantage of this time to list their homes and relocate, upgrade, or downsize. There are several simple updates that sellers can do to increase the curb appeal and interior appearance of their property, most of which don’t cost much but can provide great return. Anything that helps overcome potential buyers’ concern about the condition or appropriateness of the home for their needs is going to benefit you in the long-run, especially when you consider the overall sale price of the property (and what profit you stand to gain) against the relatively minor investment in repairs or updates.

One of the simplest projects that you should consider before listing and getting on the Grout Restoration for Resaleshowing schedule with your real estate agent is professional grout restoration. Because tile flooring, backsplash, and accent areas are generally located in the most popular rooms on a home tour — the kitchen and bathrooms — the condition of the grout can actually have a big impact on perception of cleanliness and integrity of the space. Dingy, cracked grout may give the impression of poor maintenance and foundation issues, which is not typically what a buyer wants to see and can kill the deal before the realtor can say, “Walk-in closets in every room.”

Unless you have the time to get on your hands and knees and scrub every single line of grout on every tile surface, it’s worth a quick phone call to a local carpet and grout specialist who can take care of the job for you. Even good ol’ elbow grease is often not enough to clear years of built up gunk and dirt that has discolored your lovely floors and surfaces. In fact, you may not even remember what color the grout was until you see it brought back to life by steaming and cleaning efforts. Not to mention, professional grout restoration specialists will reseal the grout when all is said and done, which means the results will actually last!

If you’re looking to sell in DFW, call Carpet Service Express atĀ (817) 498-1207 for tile and grout restoration!