Health Benefits of Clean Carpet

Carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpet and improve the appearance of your home. On top of this, a clean carpet comes with a few important health benefits for you and your family. If you suffer from any respiratory elements, including asthma or chronic snoring, carpet cleaning can appear as a lifesaver. When it comes your health, vacuuming simply does not accomplish enough. If you remain on the fence for your next carpet cleaning, consider these three additional benefits.

Evacuates Dust Mite Infestations

carpet cleaning mites

Microscopic dust mites can introduce many allergens into your home.

Many homeowners aren’t even aware that they have a dust mite infestation. These microscopic creatures can leave behind allergens through dander and body fragments. When you disturb the carpet, you upset these particles into the breathable air, where they can trigger allergies. Steam cleaning your carpet exposes it to high temperatures that dust mites cannot survive.

Prevents Mold Growth

Dirty carpets can easily develop mold when exposed to high humidity or water. When you track water in from a storm, unless it gets cleaned immediately, the moisture can foster the development of mold. Carpet cleaning not only gets rid of mold that has taken root, it completely dries out the carpet to prevent resurgence.

Eliminates Trapped Pollutants

Dirty carpets can house any number of indoor pollutants, including pet dander, pieces of cockroaches, particle pollution, lead, and any variety of everyday dirt and dust. These pollutants get released through simple activities like vacuuming and walking across the floor. Once released, they enter breathable air and get into your lungs. Carpet cleaning eradicates these pollutants, and thus makes the air more breathable in your home.

If you’ve previously hesitated around carpet cleaning, at least consider it for the health benefits. To learn more or to schedule cleaning with Carpet Service Express, simply callĀ (817) 498-1207.