Extending The Life Of Your Vacuum Cleaner


Are you taking proper care of your vacuum?

Everyone knows at least two things about vacuum cleaners: They are essential for cleaning carpets, and good ones can be very expensive. Today we will discuss a few things you need to know about your vacuum cleaner, if you want it to last for its full lifespan.

They Are Meant For Cleaning, Not Deep Cleaning

Your vacuum cleaner is perfect for weekly cleaning of your carpets, and it does a great job of getting the majority of debris out of the fibers. However, your vacuum cleaner cannot pick up all of the dander, dust and other small contaminants out of the carpet. For a full clean, you will need to have your carpet professionally cleaned, at least once a year. If you try to use industrial carpet cleaners with your vacuum cleaner, you will potentially damage your vacuum cleaner permanently.

Don’t Vacuum Up Spills

When you spill something on the carpet, the main thing you need to do is remove as much moisture out of the carpet as possible to prevent the stain from spreading. However, if you are using your vacuum to suck up the spill, you are damaging your vacuum. Moisture of any kind will spell very bad news for your vacuum, so don’t do it! Use a washcloth or towel to soak it up.

Pick Up Before You Vacuum

Have you ever heard something large get sucked into your vacuum? Anything you can hear go up, like a dime or a button, can stop your vacuum in its tracks. Before you vacuum, go through the area and pick up any large debris, such as coins, beads, or even dog food.

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