Carpet Cleaning in Southlake, TX

photo of cat, pet, pet odor removal, furniture cleaningCarpet Service Express provides Southlake, TX with organic carpet cleaning services by fully trained professionals. For more than 20 years our cleaning experts have been serving the entire DFW metro area with quality fabric cleaning at affordable prices. We accomplish this even as we use eco-friendly and pet-friendly products! With decades of experience under our belts, our expert cleaners know all too well that using organic, or non-toxic, cleaning products is much better than using harmful chemicals to get out a tough stain. The cleaners typically considered the best on the market leave chemical residue that lingers in your house for months after being used, making them also the most dangerous. After a carpet or piece of furniture has been cleaned by a non-organic product, you are risking long-term exposure to chemicals which are decidedly detrimental to your health.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay fresh! Call carpet Service Express today. For a fresh new start, one call cleans it all!

Non-Toxic Cleaners

As your local organic cleaning specialists, we offer a safe, non-toxic alternative to regular chemical-filled products, without sacrificing the quality of the cleaning. Our professional cleaners use only the safest products which have proven to be the most effective on tough stains and settled-in soil. We remove stains, grime, and the causes of unappealing odors rather than cover them up, as many other olfactory-centered lesser products do. Using these products we provide full cleaning services on a myriad of fabrics within your home Рfrom carpets and rugs to couches and curtains! Check out a few of our favorite services below:

If you want to speak with a professional cleaning specialist about any of the listed services from above, or inquire about one you don’t see included on this page, feel free to call Carpet Service Express now! You can schedule an appointment with one of our cleaners today to freshen your carpet or area rug and protect your couches, chairs and draperies. Find the best organic carpet cleaning services in Southlake, TX with the Carpet Service Express trained professionals.¬†(817) 498-1207