Carpet Cleaning in Plano, TX

photo of den, carpet cleaning, furniture, upholsteryA clean home brightens your every day. That level of satisfaction is founded in keeping your upholstery, draperies and floors clean. Having every fabric in your home fresh and clean, and your tile and grout whitened and restored is a beautiful sight – and smell! – each day. And in true Texas hospitality, it makes a great first impression for any guests or visitors. Carpet Service Express has provided pet friendly cleaning carpet services in Plano, TX for decades and our cleaning specialists are happy to extend these same organic, safe, cleaning services to you and your family today.

Our expert cleaning staff uses EPA-approved organic products in cleaning carpet and upholstery. These innovative cleaning materials guarantee removed stains and odors as well as a safer environment for people and pets alike. Using organic cleaners over high-chemicals will give you the peace of mind of having a healthier home for you and your family.

Water Restoration & Deodorization Services

For a longer-lasting, deeper and healthier clean without the residue of harsh chemicals coating the interior of your home, call our expert cleaners today. Our cleaning process is designed to strip away stains without harming your fabrics. We will keep your area rugs in their best condition and, with regular cleanings, extend their lifespan! Preserving your rug or carpet fibers is an important part of general upkeep to keep them clean and looking fresh and new once more!

If your home was in the path of a recent flood or you’ve had your own incident with plumbing pipes, don’t despair! Call right away and our restoration and cleaning experts will be able to act fast to save as much of your carpets and upholstery as possible! We dry wet fabric fast to cut down on mildew, mold and permanent ruination risks, then clean the dried fibers to bring their colors back to life! Our 24/hr emergency service is made just for this type of scenario! Don’t waste precious time today and dial your organic and safe cleaners at Carpet Service Express for pet friendly cleaning carpet services in Plano, TX. (817) 498-1207