Carpet Cleaning in Grapevine, TX

photo of grout, tile, organic cleaningIs your grout or tile more than a few years old? Does it look even older? Our tile cleaning services and grout restoration process can fix this right away! With decades of servicing North Texas, our cleaning specialists have cleaning stone, tile and grout down to a science. We can save you hours of backbreaking effort with our specialized cleaning solutions and professional equipment. At Carpet Service Express, we provide Grapevine, TX with organic fabric cleaning and restoration service! We can and will renew your tile and stone bathrooms or kitchen to their original shine with little time.

For grouting which is a decade or older, some stains may not be able to be lifted; in which case we offer professional re-grouting services with top quality results.

Our restorative services extend so far as to include drying wet carpet and providing water damage restoration. After a flooding incident, the damage can feel overwhelming and it’s little surprise to find a homeowner feeling helpless in the face of mold growth beneath the carpet, mildew development, and structural damage to your house’s foundation. Water seeping into places commonly causes the most problems, even if you can dry wet upholstery and carpet in time. Luckily, our cleaning professionals have the technology to dry wet fabric rapidly to cut down on water damage from the start!

Protection & Freshening Services

View a few more of our high quality services in the list below to learn more about the full range of services we offer and why our services are better for your home and your family than anyone else’s.

At Carpet Service Express, we offer Grapevine, TX, organic fabric cleaning and restoration service. Our top grade specialized cleaning solutions are carried out by expert cleaners and the professional equipment in which we’ve been trained. Renewing stone and tile bathrooms and kitchens to their original beauty is what we do best!¬†(817) 498-1207