Carpet Cleaning in Frisco, TX

photo of cat on pillow, pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning, non toxic, pet friendly, organic productsThe same contaminants, soils, and allergens which you bring into your house and attaches to your rugs and carpets are also just as attracted to upholstery – your furniture! Smoking, dirty clothes and shedding pets only pile onto the problem. Our professional cleaning experts can revitalize your chairs, loveseats and couches with fresh cleaning services which freshen your fabric inside and out, making it stay cleaner longer. Find your local Frisco organic rug and upholstery cleaning services at Carpet Service Express today!

Chairs and couches are meant to be used, not just looked at! That’s why a homeowner can never expect to go without spilling some sort of food or drink, at the very least, somewhere along the way. Whether it’s coffee, wine, or juice from a sippy cup, a stain is a stain. Unsightly and sometimes particularly tough, our expert stain removers and organic cleaners are prepared to take on any challenged you’re facing down! Our organic, non-toxic products combined with our cleaning techniques device the perfect extraction process to pull out stains and odors from your carpets, draperies and upholstery.

Surpassing Expectations

photo of woman on chair, drink, stain, upholstery cleaningWe eliminate stains and strip away the unwanted and dirtying substances from fabrics throughout your house and your car with such care you will be surprised there was ever a stain in the first place! Our cleaning solutions are pet-friendly, kid-safe, and the absolute best alternative to soaking your fibers in harmful chemicals.

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Don’t see what you need listed above? Can’t find the service you had in mind? For further information on any of these services or any that you want but don’t see listed, call your local professional cleaning specialists today. The cleaners at Carpet Service Express offer Frisco organic rug and upholstery cleaning services every day! Trust in our reputation built on more than 20 years of satisfied North Texas customers and dial (817) 498-1207