Carpet Cleaning in Dallas, TX

photo of dallas, txEverything is bigger in Texas, including our messes! We track in all sorts of the things from the bottom of our boots and shoes into our homes. Some of the contaminants are soil, and some are much worse and they leave stains. When your fabrics, rugs, and carpets need a little TLC without risking the health of your family or pets, call on Carpet Service Express! We provide organic carpet cleaning solutions for Dallas, TX and the rest of the DFW area.

As your local cleaning specialists, we offer a non-toxic cleaning service which still offers top results. With almost 30 years of experience as being Dallas carpet cleaners we know all to well the sort of attention the fabrics of our neighbors need! Spills and stains happen every day, whether it’s from a party, a family gathering, or just some muddy paw prints or foot prints lining your hallways.

Care & Quality

Carpet care matters a great deal to Texas homes. The way we present our homes and the condition we keep them in not only leaves good first impressions from the hosts, or homeowners, but photo of rug cleaning, carpet contaminant, puppy, pets, odors, cleaning solutionit also keeps your home as a safe environment for children to play and family pets to be loved. And while both kids and pets are a beautiful and highly treasured addition to any home, both can be the source of some fairly major messes and odors.

Our cleaners don’t use sprays which merely cover up odors for a short time – we don’t treat symptoms, we treat problems! We eliminate the cause of the odors so that they don’t come back after we leave. We also provide general fabric protection so that your carpets and furniture will last as long as possible – much longer than if they were left untreated.

Keeping your furniture, draperies, and rugs safe, clean, and smelling fresh is only a matter of calling on your non-toxic cleaners at Carpet Service Express! Our Dallas, TX organic carpet cleaning solutions. We provide full service cleanings for area rugs, carpets, curtains, couches and more! Call us today to schedule an appointment. (817) 498-1207