Carpet Cleaning in Colleyville, TX

photo of dog, animal, pet odor removal, vehicle cleaning, car upholsteryCarpet Service Express is your Colleyville organic cleaner! Our non-toxic cleaning products and methods keep your fabrics safe even as they are being washed clean. We also provide fabric protectors which will make your carpet, rug, or couch last much longer than otherwise. Protective oversprays preserve your investment by protecting against liquid spills from absorbing into rug and upholstery. Blotting up and cleaning spills, spots, stain and dirt is made much simpler when a layer of protector has been added to the fabrics of the house and your vehicle! Protectants keep your dirt on the surface, allowing for a vacuum to remove up to 3 times more soil and grime than from untreated carpets.

Non-Toxic, No-Chemical Stain Removal

Tracking in grime, soil, dirt and similar contaminants into your home is a daily hazard – as it trackingphoto of car interior, upholstery, vehicle cleaning all of the same contaminants into your car! Clearly, your floor mats get noticeably dirty from your shoes, but even the upholstery of your car’s seats become affected over time from the oils transferred from your hands and hair. And that’s to say nothing of the occasions you or your passengers may have eaten inside your vehicle. Cleaning the interior of your car removes the odors which have slowly been combining over time so that you don’t notice as quickly or easily anymore as its driver. Our expert cleaners will make your car look and smell like new again!

We provide each of our cleaning services with promptness and meticulous attention to detail that will leave your home clean, smelling fresh, and giving you a reason to smile! A few of our favorite services are listed below – check them out!

Call today to speak with a service professional about any concerns or questions you have about the cleaning service you need and when you need it most! Carpet Service Express, your Colleyvile organic cleaner, has the non-toxic cleaning products you need to keep your home safe. We will schedule your appointment according to your convenience. Just dial (817) 498-1207 now!