Superior Upholstery Cleaning Service

photo of carpet, dry cleaning, upholstery cleaningWhen it comes to basic upkeep of interior fabrics, it is fairly common of homeowners not to look beyond their carpeting or area rugs. While these are fine textiles, other fabrics within your home deserve the same dedication and care, such as your draperies and upholstery.

As these fabrics rarely appear dirty, especially since you are accustomed to seeing them every day, they can easily be overlooked. However, it’s important to remember that they are exposed to the same air contaminants and soils as any other fabric surface in your home. When you require a superior upholstery cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX at affordable prices, call Cleaning Service Express!

Couch & Chair Care

photo of upholstery cleaning servicesFrom the couches you lounge upon in your home to the seats of your boat, car, or kitchen, your life is peppered with different types of upholstery fabrics. These can include comforter blankets, covers, pillows, and may be made of microfiber, suede, leather, or more! Upholstery fabrics are commonly some of the toughest yet most comfortable material available, made to withstand a lot of use over a lot of time. Draperies or window curtains also fall into this category. Commonly used to accent windows, manipulate natural light, and decorate a room, draperies can be made of fabric as delicate as silk or as hardy and thick as canvas.

When you are considering having the carpets and rugs cleaned in your home, also keep in mind the state of your curtains, drapes, and furniture. Furniture and curtains which are cleaned and protected at least once a year last substantially longer! And if your home has pets or smokers, then your fabrics should be cleaned at least twice a year. Some cleaning is easily done at home by hand, by the homeowner or similar amateur. However, some fabrics are thinner or more delicate and must be left to the professionals for a dry cleaning.

Considering Your Options

Choosing an upholstery, carpet and drapery care company means facing down a lot of options for any homeowner. But Carpet Service Express has gained a reputation of trustworthiness and dependability over the last 20 years. Our cleaning specialists handle fabrics with care and are trained in using the latest technologies to provide the highest quality cleaning results possible. Between the non-toxic, no-chemical, fabric-cleaning products we are known best for using, with the best and safest cleaning methods, ensure that your fabrics receive the best care possible. Contact your professional cleaners at Carpet Service Express for your Fort Worth superior upholstery cleaning service at affordable prices! (817) 498-1207