Tile & Grout Restoration Services

photo of tile and grout restoration, grout cleaning, tile protectionDo you miss your white grout lines in the kitchen and bathroom? Tired of spending so much time and effort on your hands and knees, trying to clean your grout back to its white splendor with little success?

The new tools our cleaning specialists use at Carpet Service Express allow for us to restore your grout to like-new condition! The system we implement and procedures we follow remove oils, soils, grime and grease from your grout and your tile. Our tile and grout restoration services in Fort Worth at Carpet Service Express provide resoiling prevention as well as cleaning! This means that after soils are removed we can seal the grout to stand up against future soiling imperfections.

Free Estimate Evaluation

Our professional tile and grout cleaning services are performed by specially trained cleaners. If you
call us today, we will provide you with a free estimate on your shower, tile floor or tile counter top. Our combination approach of traditional methods and modern processes, like those of hand scrubbing for detail as photo of cleaning tile, re-grouting, grout protectionwell as truck-mounted steam cleaning, provides the finest results possible. Our cleaning procedure has been tailored for over 20 years to the express needs of cleaning restoration, allowing us to guarantee like-new conditions for tile and grout to which we have attended! More than that, we also have a special grout line sealer which helps keep every inch of your kitchen, bathroom and shower grout cleaner for longer!

Re-grouting, or using our grout cleaner, will whiten and protect your grout and tile against future spills and stains. The use of our methods and our grout cleaner makes all future maintenance much simpler for the busy homeowner.

Call In The Cleaning Specialists

Call in the specialists if your tile and grout are looking drab and grimy. We restore color and color protection across tiles. In some instances, if your grout is over 10 years old then some stains may be permanent and prove not to be effected by even the best cleaning techniques. In these cases, replacing the grout or repairing the grout has proven to be the most cost-efficient and satisfactory solution. Dial Carpet Service Express for our tile and grout restoration services in Fort Worth and resoiling prevention! (817) 498-1207