No-Chemical Pet Odor Removal Service

photo of pet odor removal, pet-safe cleaning, child, dog, happyOne of the most common type of odors professional carpet cleaners are asked to remove is the result of a happy home to pets. Indoor animals are more common today than ever before due to studies which prove indoor cats and dogs have, on average, longer lifespans than their outdoor counterparts.

Caring pet owners make the most use of our detail-oriented skills as Carpet Service Express provides no-chemical pet odor removal service for all of Fort Worth, TX, Dallas, and many of the surrounding cities.

Pet Care & Carpet Care

Although we all love our pets, pet owners commonly become severely desensitized over time to the odors pets create in the home. However, when days come along which are more humid than usual, the odor can become extremely apparent. The smell may also become much more noticeable when a property owner is ready to sell their home. In this case, contacting Carpet Service Express is not only the smart choice, it’s really the only of cat, kitten, carpet, pet odor cleaning, odor removal, non-toxic, no chemical

Over-the-counter products commonly only mask smells for short spans of time, especially if they are products you only sprinkle or spray onto carpets or furniture. This is a temporary, and very small, solution. This strategy does not remove any odors – only professional grade cleaning does. The enzymes used in our professional-strength products and tried-and-true cleaning techniques digest any bacteria and remove the cause of the odors within the fibers. Our DFW professional cleaners will even treat the backing of your carpet in the case of severe odors, as well as the sub floor.

Pet-Safe Products

Not only do we use non-toxic, top-shelf cleaning products, but each one of our cleaning technicians is fully trained in the use of the products to entirely remove pet odors. In this manner, we have been helping homeowners throughout Tarrant County and Collin County save a substantial amount of money from preventing the need of carpet replacement for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on the full removal of all odors including those accumulated from pets, water damage, smoke and even skunk. For top quality no-chemical pet odor removal service in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, contact Carpet Service Express. (817) 498-1207