Leave No Residue With Organic Carpet Cleaning

photo of safe cleaning products, go greenWe have recently come to pay more attention to the things we buy and the cleaning chemicals we use. What we bring into our own environment affects our daily lives as well as our lives on a long-term scale. Leave no residue by using pet friendly and child friendly carpet cleaning services in Fort Worth. Carpet Service Express has stayed on level with our clients in becoming and staying conscientious. We work hard every day to provide each client with a clean house by using only effective, yet safe, cleaning products. Organic cleaning is the best move toward promoting environmental health as well as keeping every clean surface in your home safe for children and pets.

Our organic program is filled with products which are held to a higher standard than many other cleaning materials. The Environmental Protection Agency began a program called Design for the Environment which is geared towards uniting multiple groups of people together, such as those of manufacturers, environmental scientists, chemists and large corporations. This unity is meant to encourage collecting data to better understand the risks from using chemicals in our homes.

Who To Trust

photo of green, pet-friendly cleaning productsThe DfE label is a result of this program and is placed on products which are deemed by the EPA as safer for consumers, their families and the environment. It is only given to the materials which have been proven to use only the safest chemicals from the beginning of manufacturing to their completion in order to market the best product for every home.

We use the DfE labeled products to clean homes all over the DFW metroplex, including in our own houses. We use Prochem Axiom cleaning products because they have proven to be the most effective cleaners which are also organic and environmentally-friendly. Their motto, “First we made it mean, then we made it green” is an accurate proclamation towards the effectiveness of their cleaning solutions. They are the best at cleaning away tough stains and we have found this out over our decades of cleaning experience. Leave no residue of chemicals in Fort Worth by using our pet friendly and child friendly carpet cleaning services at Carpet Service Express. (817) 498-1207