Professional Carpet & Fabric Protection Spray

photo of rug protection spray, oversprayAs a rule, almost any new carpet purchased already has a protective overspray applied to it. During their development, rugs, carpets, and similar fabric products have a protective layer of overspray added at the mill. Whether it is Dupont’s Teflon®, 3M’s Scotchgard™ or the product of the same manufacturer as the carpet, a layer is applied to stand up against a wide range of spills and make clean-up easier for the buyer.

For your professional carpet and fabric protection spray in Fort Worth, call Carpet Service Express. We use a spray recommended by fabric manufacturers throughout North America and our cleaners are specially trained in applying the protective overspray.

The Importance of Overspray

However, with some time passing you may have come to notice how the portions of your carpet which are in higher traffic areas become harder to clean. This is from the wearing of that protective layer. Suddenly, spills aren’t held at the surface and easily cleaned. Instead, they come to soak through the carpet or rug. What is common for buyers to overlook is how many fabric manufacturers recommend re-applying other layers of protective overspray or, rather, having a professional add a layer to replace what time and foot traffic has worn away.

Strengthening Your Rug

photo of carpet cleaning, rug protectionNot only do these protective oversprays make your carpet or rug better stand up against spills, but they also prevent your carpet, itself, from wearing away. Dirt, or soil, commonly acts as sandpaper on fabric fibers, abrading the fibers and surface further down to wear out and thin out your carpet.

Oversprays also provide a coat which makes staining much more difficult, regardless of the substance that has been spilled. At Carpet Service Express, we offer a professional carpet and fabric protection spray in Fort Worth which is recommended by manufacturers.

Contact our cleaners today to apply your layer of protective spray so you can get the most use and beauty out of your rug, carpet or furniture. By scheduling an appointment with one of our cleaning technicians you are acting as a conscientious and responsible homeowner. Visit our online request form now or call today! (817) 498-1207