Restoration & Carpet Cleaning Services

Residential Fabric Cleaning

photo of carpet cleaningHaving your carpets cleaned once to twice a year, depending on the general foot traffic, if you have pets, or are a smoker, is recommended by many carpet manufacturers. This is in order to provide the best care for your fabric and keep it in its best condition for as long as possible. In fact, annual professional carpet cleaning can lead to a longer lifespan for your carpet or area rug.

If your carpet or area rug has a warranty, then you’ll need to use professional services by a carpet cleaning company that uses hot water extraction in their cleaning performance. Employing separate methods can void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Today, carpets have come to be engineered specially to hold soils which may not be visible to the naked eye, to make the carpets appear harder to make dirty. Instead though, newer carpets merely hold in – rather than fend off – these soils which, by their abrasive nature, cause more harm when left in your carpet’s fibers. In fact, your rug or carpet acts as an excellent filter for removing certain particulates before they ever become airborne, or filtering through those already in the air to prevent them from contaminating your indoor air any further. But just like any other filtration system, your carpet necessitates regularized cleaning to avoid buildup of grime and risking bacterial growth.

At Carpet Service Express, our residential restoration and carpet cleaning services in Fort Worth, TX are performed by professional cleaners who follow the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Certifications (IICRC) standards in professional carpet cleaning. This includes following six steps to ensure a full quality and entirely safe cleaning end result.

  1. Initial inspection and evaluation before vacuuming, including soil identification.
  2. Applying detergent pre-spray, loosening and pulling the soils from your carpet fibers in suspension.
  3. Agitate the pre-spray with a deep rotary scrub which causes the detergent to contact the soils.
  4. Apply hot water rinsing with truck-mounted, high-efficiency cleaning system.
  5. Begin drying process and groom carpet fibers to offer clean, uniform appearance.
  6. Dry completely over 2-6 hours for absolute drying and elimination of soil threats.

Guaranteed Superior Service

Our carpet cleaning services are comprehensive and meticulous to ensure the best quality of cleaning while avoiding the usual stress chemical products put upon the fibers of your carpet. This offers superior cleaning while leaving your carpet in its best condition – not simply appearing clean for the moment.

The commitment of our upholstery and fabric cleaning specialists for the DFW area can be found in both our extensive cleaning services as well as in the testimonials of each current and past client. If you are looking for a professional cleaning serviceman for your residential carpets, rugs or furniture, then call Carpet Service Express today! Our services include:

After more than 20 years of servicing North Texas with carpet cleaning, we understand the extensive process and specific steps to take in order to offer guaranteed superior cleaning every time, no matter the challenge your rug, draperies or upholstery may pose! If you don’t see the service you need administered by a professional cleaner in the list above, then call us! Speaking to one of our representatives will clear up any questions or concerns you have about a service or the process of a service. Our professional cleaning specialist will be able to tell you precisely what to expect at an appointment. Call Carpet Service Express today for our Fort Worth, TX residential restoration and carpet cleaning services today! (817) 498-1207