Benefits of Carpet Protection Spray

When you first purchased your carpet or had it installed in your home, it came with a protective overspray. This barrier wears off over time, though, especially in high traffic areas of your home. If you are considering adding an overspray to your carpets, check out these great benefits of carpet protection.

Easier Clean Up

carpet protectionUsed by carpet manufacturers, these sprays offer varying types of protection. Carpet protection sprays work to keep spills and stains on the surface instead of sinking into the fibers. Because of this, it helps make stain cleanup easier as well as regular vacuuming. Once dirt and allergens get deep into the carpet fibers, they become harder to clean.

Extends the Life of Your Carpet

Not only does carpet protection keep your rugs and floors looking better, it helps preserve the fibers. The soles of shoes and everything you track in is rough and will wear down your carpet. By adding an overspray, you can get more life out of your upholstery and carpeting. In many cases, you can also go further between cleanings.

Improves Indoor Health

At Carpet Service Express, we use only manufacturer-recommended carpet protection spray. You do not have to worry about unreliable brands or harmful chemicals! In fact, carpet overspray can help reduce the amount of bacteria and allergens that nest in your carpets. This can help cut down on respiratory issues, skin irritation, and allergy symptoms.

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5 Reasons You Should Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

When it comes to our carpet, it’s important to have it in good condition. While regular vacuuming and spot checking is great, nothing beats professional cleaning. In order to keep our carpets in fantastic shape, professional cleaning can really make our carpets last for years. Here are five important reasons to get your carpet professionally cleaned.

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

49045198 – professionally cleaning carpets

Extends the Life of Your Carpet

Professional cleaning can do wonders for the look but also the longevity of your carpet. With annual carpet cleaning from the professionals, you can increase the life of your carpet.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, professional carpet cleaning could be very beneficial. Because professional carpet cleaners use industrial vacuum cleaners, they are able to get those pesky allergens out that a regular vacuum couldn’t.

Remove Bugs From Your Carpet

This might be gross, but it is true. Carpets are ideal for tiny bugs to make their homes. Professional cleaning can guarantee those pesky bugs are out of your carpet!

Eliminate Stubborn Stains

While you’ve tried and tried to get those annoying stains out of your carpet, they just won’t budge. Professional cleaning will be able to get those stains out that you’ve been trying for so long to remove.

Improve the Look of Your Home

Professional cleaning can be like a whole makeover for your home without knocking down walls and buying new furniture. Carpet cleaning can transform the look of your whole home and make it stand out.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

how often should you clean your carpetVacuuming your carpets and area rugs is easy enough to remember. However, do you know how often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned? What about upholstered furniture? Don’t wait until a major spill or stain occurs! Follow these tips for how often you should clean your carpet and upholstery professionally.

Light or Dark?

As we all know, light-colored fabrics and carpet shows dirt and stains much more than darker colors. Because of this, light-colored carpet and upholstery needs to be cleaned more often than a dark futon or area rug. Dark fabrics may only need cleaning every 1-2 years, while lighter fabrics will likely need cleaning every 6-12 months. However, other factors will affect how often you clean your carpet, including…

How Many People Live in the House?

The more people that live in the house, the more dirt that will get tracked in. A standard household of 1 to 4 people can usually do with a professional carpet cleaning once a year. If you’re sharing a home with more roommates or have a larger family, then 2-3 times a year may be necessary. It’s convenient to have your carpet and upholstered furniture cleaned at the same time.

Kids or Pets?

Not only do children and pets tend to track in more dirt, then are also more prone to making messes. Has Fido every left muddy paw prints on your sofa? Did the toddler spill grape juice in the middle of the living room? While a doormat at each entrance to the house can help keep your carpets cleaner, accidents happen. If your home has children and pets, you should clean high traffic areas up to every 2-3 months. While this is frequent, it will go a long way in preserving the life of your carpet and protecting the health of your family.

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Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaning methods use harsh chemicals that can cause irritation and leave behind poisonous residue. Keep your home and family safe by going green! Here are a few benefits of green carpet cleaning.

Uses Less Water

green carpet cleaningA major benefit of green carpet cleaning is that green cleaners require less water than traditional chemicals. Not only does this save gallons of water from going to waste, it also helps your carpets dry faster. Another plus: less chance of mold or mildew growing in your carpet.

Safer For Your Health

The chemicals used in traditional carpet cleaning solutions have been associated with various health problems. These risks are higher for children and pets, who spend a majority of their time in contact with the floor. If you have a baby or pet, green carpet cleaning can provide powerful cleaning results with safety and health.

Preserves Carpet Fibers

Harsh chemicals can break down the fibers of your carpet over time. Don’t risk damaging your expensive carpet, area rugs, and other surfaces! With natural and organic green cleaning products, your carpet will stay in top shape.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaning tips

Carpet stains…they are bound to happen. No matter how much you try to avoid it or prevent it, that saucy meatball from last night’s dinner or that orange juice from breakfast will somehow find its way to your carpet. Although we are the go-to carpet cleaning pros, you don’t have to call us every single time you notice a stain a on you rug or carpet. Instead, you can attack them yourself. Here are a few tricks and tips that we recommend trying for your stain lifting abilities to be effective.

  1. Clean the stain immediately.: As soon as you notice the unwanted stain on your carpet, take action right then and there. The longer the stain is there, the longer it has to set.
  2. Instead of scrubbing, blot.: What you are aiming to do is absorb as much of the liquid as possible into the sponge or cloth. this helps to decrease the size and help prevent the stain from spreading.
  3. Use a minimal amount of product.: This helps to decrease drying time and makes it more likely for another stain to be the result.
  4. Make sure to completely dry it.: Take a dry towel and bot the stain once your cleaned it. The more moisture in the carpet, the more likely chance mold will form. You can even try using a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

If you do each of these steps, the stain should lift with no problem. But when you find yourself with that stain that just won’t come out, Carpet Service Express is here for you. Give us a call at (817) 498-1207.

Listing Your Home? Consider Grout Restoration!

The housing market across the country is still going strong, and more and more homeowners are taking advantage of this time to list their homes and relocate, upgrade, or downsize. There are several simple updates that sellers can do to increase the curb appeal and interior appearance of their property, most of which don’t cost much but can provide great return. Anything that helps overcome potential buyers’ concern about the condition or appropriateness of the home for their needs is going to benefit you in the long-run, especially when you consider the overall sale price of the property (and what profit you stand to gain) against the relatively minor investment in repairs or updates.

One of the simplest projects that you should consider before listing and getting on the Grout Restoration for Resaleshowing schedule with your real estate agent is professional grout restoration. Because tile flooring, backsplash, and accent areas are generally located in the most popular rooms on a home tour — the kitchen and bathrooms — the condition of the grout can actually have a big impact on perception of cleanliness and integrity of the space. Dingy, cracked grout may give the impression of poor maintenance and foundation issues, which is not typically what a buyer wants to see and can kill the deal before the realtor can say, “Walk-in closets in every room.”

Unless you have the time to get on your hands and knees and scrub every single line of grout on every tile surface, it’s worth a quick phone call to a local carpet and grout specialist who can take care of the job for you. Even good ol’ elbow grease is often not enough to clear years of built up gunk and dirt that has discolored your lovely floors and surfaces. In fact, you may not even remember what color the grout was until you see it brought back to life by steaming and cleaning efforts. Not to mention, professional grout restoration specialists will reseal the grout when all is said and done, which means the results will actually last!

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Organic Carpet Cleaning Before Baby’s Arrival

When you’re expecting a brand new baby, you want everything to be perfect. There are many tasks that every parent wants to accomplish in preparation for their little one’s arrival, and much of it has to do with readying the home for the sweet coos of a new family member.

Consider the value of a proper, professional carpet cleaning as part of your nesting to-do list. Especially if you have pets or you’ve never had your carpets or rugs professionally cleaned since you moved in, now is a great time to call in the experts to ensure that your floors are safe and ready for the days ahead when that little bundle of joy is on the move!

Organic Carpet Cleaning for BabyAs with anything, you have to take care in selecting which methods and products are used around children. You’ve probably already noticed that nearly everything seems to warn against use around pregnant women or babies, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your home clean.

Organic carpet cleaning is a great option for households with little ones, at it utilizes products and application techniques that are safe for children. (This includes furry children, too!) No residue options mean that you can enjoy the peace of mind of tidy floors on which to play and explore with your child, without having to cringe everytime a mid-play nap commences straight on the carpet (which happens often).

Don’t overlook this simple way to get your home ready for the arrival of your new baby!

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Stubborn Carpet Stains!

That stubborn carpet stain that has been staring you in the face for the past, who knows how many months. You have no idea of where it came from or what it is! Well you’re not alone. Tough carpet stains can be a complete pest. Check out some of the carpet stains that you’ll come across and how you can possibly treat them.

Coffee Stains

stubborn carpet stain

Another annoying, stubborn stain to deal with. If not taken care of properly, this can be the scene of an unsightly stain for a long time to come. Grab some dish washing detergent and vinegar to treat this immediately for minimal damage. Consult a professional if this method fails to completely remove the stain.

Grape Juice or Wine Stains

We’ve all been there. That moment where you see that cup of a deep purple or red liquid tipping over on your light colored carpet…and time just slows down. It’s now seeping into your beloved carpet and now you’re just dabbing and dabbing and dabbing this spot, but it just won’t come out! All is not lost. Simply take a hydrogen peroxide and water mixture in a spray bottle. If this is done immediately, it minimizes the damage. If the stain hasn’t completely come out, call one of our pros to get your carpet looking as good as new.

Ink Stains

Something else we can all relate to. That moment when your ink pen decides that it wants to explode and get all over your carpet and your clothes…what a headache. This stain can be close to impossible to remove. A DIY solution we can recommend is treating it is to chemically precondition it with ammonia, afterwards a truck mount steam rinse to lift the stain.

No one wants to look at the awful stain in the middle of your living room floor, and you don’t have to! If you have a stubborn carpet stain, call (817) 498-1207. Carpet Cleaning Express: One Call Does it All!

When Are Carpet Repairs Necessary?

Residential Carpeting Repairs

photo of rug repair, carpet repairIf you’ve noticed your carpeting is in need of repairing, it not only looks unappealing – an eyesore – but it also means your floor is losing its stability. Whether it is from the usual toll that time takes on all materials, from water damage which has gone overlooked from a flood or large spill, your flooring and carpeting may be bunching up and tearing as a result. Any spills result in stains which set quickly and fairly permanently. All of these are symptoms of aged carpeting which definitely requires repair work by a professional.

Serious discoloration, burn damage, and tears from the subfloor can be repaired through patching and stretching techniques. We have better tools than any you may purchase over-the-counter and our methods of repair have been learned and practiced over the last two decades. Our cleaners will expertly stretch your carpet as well as provide any patchwork with the utmost attention to detail in order to secure it and prevent any future problems. Just call Carpet Service Express today! (817) 498-1207