Benefits of Carpet Protection Spray

When you first purchased your carpet or had it installed in your home, it came with a protective overspray. This barrier wears off over time, though, especially in high traffic areas of your home. If you are considering adding an overspray to your carpets, check out these great benefits of carpet protection.

Easier Clean Up

carpet protectionUsed by carpet manufacturers, these sprays offer varying types of protection. Carpet protection sprays work to keep spills and stains on the surface instead of sinking into the fibers. Because of this, it helps make stain cleanup easier as well as regular vacuuming. Once dirt and allergens get deep into the carpet fibers, they become harder to clean.

Extends the Life of Your Carpet

Not only does carpet protection keep your rugs and floors looking better, it helps preserve the fibers. The soles of shoes and everything you track in is rough and will wear down your carpet. By adding an overspray, you can get more life out of your upholstery and carpeting. In many cases, you can also go further between cleanings.

Improves Indoor Health

At Carpet Service Express, we use only manufacturer-recommended carpet protection spray. You do not have to worry about unreliable brands or harmful chemicals! In fact, carpet overspray can help reduce the amount of bacteria and allergens that nest in your carpets. This can help cut down on respiratory issues, skin irritation, and allergy symptoms.

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